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Your Health and Safety is our Top Priority


While all of our staff are fully trained to provide excellent levels of care, we have provided supplementary training for all staff to ensure they are hand-washing correctly and thoroughly.


All staff are trained in the proper use of PPE and we are following government guidance on what PPE to use in specific circumstances. All of this ensures the correct equipment is used in order to provide the best protection for staff and residents.


Regular coronavirus testing is essential in the social care sector. All of our staff are tested on a regular basis as per government guidance, while residents are tested monthly in accordance with government guidelines. We are also able to spot test in the event that anyone (staff or resident) shows symptoms of coronavirus.


Monitoring residents health has long been a key role of nursing and caring staff within our home. In light of the coronavirus pandemic policies on monitoring has been extended to all residents.


We’re all being encouraged to socially distance ourselves when in public spaces, and we are taking similar measures within our home. Of course, it’s not practical for residents and carers to be 2m apart all the time, but we are careful when organising activities to keep a safe distance between residents. Staff are also encouraged to socially distance, and in order to facilitate this we have increased the number of staff only spaces to ensure they can remain 2 meters apart when on breaks.

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